YHS Homework Archives

This page was created to help out all who go to Yorktown and would like to shorten their work time at home. The documents provided here are not guranteed in any way, and are for educational purposes only. These are only examples and should not be used instead of doing one's own work, you can get into trouble that way. If you do something stupid and get caught, it is not my fault and cannot be held responsible.

This page contains documents useful for many classes: 10th grade AP history, Chemistry, English and many others as well. Just browse through your grade and look at the titles, they are usually intuative. If you have any homework from ANY subject and ANY grade, send it to me and I will add it here and post your name on the contributors list if you wish. I will archive documents that are too old to be useful, but they will still be accesible here. Please send in any homework or projects you have. When I graduate, I will pass this on to a worthy freshman, as if that exists...

Contributions provided by: Charles and Elizabeth

Grade 10
Grade 11

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