Potato Cannons

I don't like potatos very much, they don't taste good, they smell and one of our vice presidents couldn't even spell the word. But, i have to appreciat this savoir of entertainment, as anyone enjoys seeing a vegetable going 250+ MPH smash into, or usually through, plywood. This page is dedicated to, you guessed it, potato cannons.

Also known as a spud gun, a potato cannon is a very simple device that uses hairspray, propane or anything else marked with: WARNING! EXTREMELY FLAMABLE on the label. There are many variations and soon I will have some pictures of my potato cannons up here and pictures of my friend and I performing our science project. Yes, I am doing my school science project on potato guns, the effect of barrel and chamber length on potato distance and velocity.


The Original This is the design of the first cannon I built. It is very simple, only using 4 pieces of PVC, but even in its simplicity it still performs very well, being that there isn't muych to a potato gun to begin with, unless your crazy like me and can think of ways to change it......Like adding a supressor! Thats a silencer for the laymen, and it actually does work fairly well. It is just based on my improved design, the design which i am using for my science project.