Research Plan (1A) - Team Section 9 9A. The Effect of Barrel and Chamber Lengths of a Potato Cannon on the Distance and Speed at which a Metal Slug Travels 9B. Hypothesis - If the lengths of the barrel and chamber are increased then the Metal Slug will travel farther and at a higher speed. 9C. I. Materials were gathered A. 9 feet of 2 inch diameter PVC piping B. 3 feet of 3 inch diameter PVC piping C. 3 female threaded end pieces - 3 inch diameter D. 3 male threaded end pieces - 2 inch diameter E. 3 female threaded end pieces - 2 inch diameter F. 3 reducers - 3 inch to 2 inch G. 1 male threaded end cap - 3 inch diameter H. 1 flint ignitor II. The materials were assembled into the form of potato cannons (see attached diagram) A. 3 different size chambers (8", 12", and 16") were constructed from the 3 inch diameter PVC B. 3 different size barrels (2', 3', and 4') were constructed from the 2 inch diameter PVC III. Trials were performed A. A metal round is loaded by way of the muzzle B. Hair spray (propellent) is loaded through the breech end (1.5 second load) C. End cap is screwed on tightly D. Flint starter is turned, igniting fuel and propelling the potato; the stopwatch is started E. The stopwatch is stopped when the metal hits the ground, and the distance from point of ignition to landing point of the metal is measured F. Both figures are recorded onto the data tables G. Velocity is determined H. Measures of central tendency, standard deviation, and statistical tests are performed 9D Bibliography The Master Potato. c. T J Christiansen. October 17, 1999. The 007 Spud Gun Page. c. Jeff Boden October 17, 1999 ****Potato Technology Center****. c. Edward Goldmann. October 17, 1999 Backyard Ballistics. c. Bob Simon. October 17, 1999