Simple Potato Gun

This is the design of my original potato gun, which has since been dubbed "The Device" because of its simple, yet effective nature.

The essence of this design is simple, it requires only a few parts, and can be constructed from a trip to Home Depot and in 30 minutes.


A 3 foot length of 2 inch diameter PVC pipe (schedule 40) This will be the barrel.

A 10 inch length of 3 inch diameter PVC pipe (scedule 40) This will be the chamber.

A 3 inch to 2 inch reducer

A 3 inch female threaded cleanout adapter

A a cleanout plug to fit that adapter

A gas grill ignitor, the kind that they sell at the supermarket, the long one with the red or turquoise handle and makes the flame.


1. Take the chamber length (the 10 inch length of 3in dia. PVC) and glue it using PVC glue (talk to the guys at Home Depot) to the female cleanout adapter.

2. Glue the big end (the 3in) of the reducer to the other end of the chamber. Let this assembally set and do step 3 while you wait, or drink some of the PVC glue.

3. Drill a hole in the square part of the cleanout plug right in the middle, make it the same size as the ignitor (1/4 in if you used the same as mine). Make sure the hole fits fairly tight around the ignitor, then add a little bit of glue and push the ignitor through the hole.

4. Glue the barrel length to the chamber assembly and let the gun dry overnight.

5. Not necessary, but highly reccomended, you should bevel the muzzel end of the barrel to slice the potat as you put it in.


If you don't feel like waiting, just e-mail me with the results of youre foray and make sure to read the disclaimer before embarking on that expedition.

When you are ready to fire, go on to the loading and firing page.