About the Author Alias: Rold D. Gold
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Homies: G-dog, Grant, I hate the people who list all there friends like that, so i only put two. I have my reasons.
AKA: Homie-d, D-dog, Funky-d, Slick-d, Mixmasta-d, dude, and that potato kid.
Hobbies: Hacking (not cracking), computers, cars, potato guns, and reconstructing tomatos from ketchup.

Well, as you may know, I'm just your fairly-average American white kid. I live near DC, and it really doesn't seem that cool since I've already walked through nearly all of it, 'cept north Capital st. It would be very exciting for anyone who has never been here, so if you are thinking of going, I put my vote on doing it. I am very interested in potato cannons, not just cause they can fuck shit up (although that is cool) but cause I find it interesting to figure out exatly what effects their performance. I have it down to a science. More on me later. If you have any suggestions or things I need to change on the page, mail me. I like ska/punk music, but i don't dress like that and i don't dress trendy/preppy. I hate those fuckers. My faovorite band is Goldfinger. They are the best. But you may have noticed that I didn't add to the stupidity that everyone has cluttered the net with their page of homage to _______. I also like Blink 182, the siblins of Goldfinger. Outside of that genre, I like Offspring, as I have since I was 10 and I must faithful. I love electronics, especially computers because they do what you want. Appendix A I can fix almost anything electronic, with Duct Tape and some wire, it won't look very good, but it'll work........maybe. Its fun stuff. I regularly read Popular Mechanics, Phrack, 2600, and FUCK.