My Science Project

I am putting this on my site because it is cool. I did not grow mold, make candles, or play with wood for my project. I shot shit. With my friend. It was cool.
What we did was make potato cannons to test their altered effectiveness with changeing sizes of barrels and chambers. It is a very fun project. We shoot a metal slug, that goes about 150 MPH. The guns are just based on my improved design.

Official Writings

These are things that myself (team leader) and my partner (team member) have turned in to our science teacher and others. At the end of the project, we will also have a very official 15p+ paper that will be give to the Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS), and if you would like it you can mail me and it will be sent when completed.
Our preliminary project proposal Our introduction which is fairly incomplete. We got bored and just put in a concluding sentance when only half-way done.