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This company ( is having me beta test their software, and I got a free camera out of it! Very cool. I have set up a webcam that will run whenever I'm online, it refreshes every 5 minutes. When and/or/if I get DSL it will be on all the time and will refresh more often.

Need homework for Yorktown High School?

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Research-This is where I will post my research documents and planned research. Go look, its good.

Potato Artilery-High velocity vegetable acceleration. Check that, bitch.

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Sign up for all advantage. They pay you to surf the web. Then go to your favorite search engine and find the program called Fake Surf.

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01.30.00-2245EST Yes, I know that the superbowl is on. I don't really car. I can hear some of it from in here. Oh well. Today I added a list. Comedy, its great. I am going to add a bunch more, I have a large collection of these lists and jokes, some of which i have written. I haven't done much recently, just been sitting around. I am currently reading the book "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution" by Steven Levy. It is a really good book and I reccomend it much if you like computers or hacking (basically the same). Oh well. Check out my stuff, links, etc. and mail me if you have any suggestions. I am working on cleaning up my page, making all the fonts the same size and all that stuff. I'm also gonna add some CGI stuff sometime. Not sure what, but CGI is cool, and what i add will be cool. Come back!

01.05.00-2103EST Been a while. I haven't gotten a digital camera, I am poor. Maybe for my birthday. For Christmas, I got a radio scanner and the computer game Age of Empires 2. Sequel, and a very good game which I highly reccomend, as well as the predecessor Age of Empires. The scanner is lots of fun, because you can listen to everything from police/emergency transmissions to the taxi dispatcher at National Airport. (note: it is Washington National, not Reagan National. I don't care what the republicans say) I also changed the page by the addition of a brief explenation of my science project. It is my science project, because I am the Team Leader. Check it out, and htat page will be updated periodically, as i get more data. We shot shit. Send me mail if you have questions/comments/complaints.

12.13.99-1542EST I have edited some stuff, and added the page for firing potato cannons. They are very interesting, and take up a good portion of my time. If you have one or are planning on building one, mail me and I can give you tips or we can talk about them. I recently made a metal round for my potato guns. It is a couple of 1.75in. diameter washer on a bolt, and it is obviously reusable. It causes MUCH damage to whatever it hits, and when fired, one must go searching for it. I will put up pictures of the new round and my potato guns if my parents ever get me a digital camera......pfbt. Check out the page, its looking better. Also, mail me if I haven't updated the page in a while, cause I will forget about it. BYE!

11.28.99-2033EST The page is lookin good, eh? No, I'm not Canadian. Actually I hate Canada. Never been there, but I know that its not that nice, they just send us the funny ones. I haven't been doing much lately, I've been playing AOE, one of the best real-time strategy games in the world, a lot instead of making the page better. What games do you like? Tell me. I am gonna try to work more on the page, as I have very high (probably too high) expectations as to what I'm going to do to it. It'll be cool when it's done, so check back.

11.08.99-1519EST I am back again, just moving some stuff around. The disclaimer is now on a seperate page, and I might be adding a form to send a virtual postcard sometime soon....It requires some CGI scripting, which takes a little while to write/test and make look good, but I will eventually have it, in the next month. I am also going to add a potato gun section, soon. I don't know whether to put it under research or not, whatever, I'll figure it out.

10.28.99-2210EST In the hour after I wrote that I made many of the changes, as you can see.

10.28.99-2056EST This page has just been updated! 10-28-99 via the request by MYSTERY LADY, who should put down her real E-mail next tiem so that I can talk with her, no I am not crazy, i'm 15 and live in Arlington. I will probably be COMPLETELY changing the page shortly (next 2 weeks, b/c I have school work too) and it will be cool. I prob wont have much java still, cause its annoying and take s a long time to write. But I will be COMPLETELY overhauling the page within 1 month, so check back sometime! Hell, if you don't like it, see Figure 1. First, check out the slightly changed form, and the new disclaimer.  You can also Send me some mail.

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